Why a Promotional fee?

Full disclosureThere is a submission fee of $50. This fee is primarily to advertise your track to the Worldstar's audience via Facebook Messenger.  In other words, you pay to have your track promoted to Worldstar's Facebook audience for valuable feedback.   


So no matter what happens, you get feedback! However, through this feedback, your track can be discovered by Worldstar! If Worldstar's followers think your track is heat, you'll be posted to Worldstar's Youtube, Instagram, and website! This is pretty big opportunity because this rollout normally costs $15,000, so take your shot & change your life!

What Happens After You Pay

Your Track is sent to the phones of the Worldstar's audience on Messenger who rate it as "A Hit", "Needs Work", or "Trash". Our followers will leave a comment about your track, which will be sent to you. 

After your track has been rated by at least 100 followers,  your final score will be sent to you.  Your final score is a percentage report on how many followers rated your track as "A Hit" , "Needs Work", or "Trash".  You'll also be notified if enough followers rated your track as a hit to qualify for the leaderboard. 

The leaderboard is organized by tracks with the highest hit percentages. Once on the Leaderboard, your track has a chance to be discovered by Worldstar's on top of the feedback & exposure it has already received.

Who's The Audience ?

The audience rating your tracks are our followers who decided to showcase their ear for music by using our platform on Messenger to rate your tracks!  Invite your friends & family to join our audience/curator base!