Chance to visit the HOT97 Offices

Unlock: Level 1

Chance to rate tracks with TT Torrez 

Unlock: Level 4

Chance to hang with Ryan Leslie

(Sponsored by Indie)

Unlock: Level 7

Chance to attend SOB's Who's Next Event 

Unlock: Level 2

Chance to Become A Verified Curator

Unlock: Level 5

Chance to join DJ's Roundtable

Unlock: Level 3

Chance to win Itunes Gift cards (sponsored by Indie)

Unlock: Level 6

Chance to win free SummerJam tickets (sponsored by Indie) 

Unlock: Level 9

Chance to curate official HOT97 Playlist

Unlock: Level 8

Be sure to read all rules on  Curator Prizing & How it Works

Unlocking each level simply qualifies you to be gifted with one of these prizes.  Choosing winners are solely at HOT97's and indie's discretion.