IndieAI : Reinventing The Path to Stardom Through Messenger

Come see why bots mean business.

IndieAI builds Messenger/chat apps for major radio stations to allow them to directly connect their listeners to emerging artists and monetize this activity in a whole new way.

Artists pay for access to a station's listeners, which provides them with a radio audience & potential new fanbase. This gives artists the opportunity to be validated & discovered!

Success Stories

Learn how bots are getting results.

“Because of Indie, HOT97 now has an entirely new and growing revenue source with users interacting with our brand in meaningful ways everyday!”   It's allows us to discover new music & helps our brand maintain our leadership in music discovery - Angie May Yarusso, Emmis Communications

HOT97 listeners became active curators for emerging talent via their bot.  When an artist messaged a track, the bot automatically sent it to HOT97 listeners who rated it for discovery. 
  1. Generated over $60,000 in revenue from artist submissions in under 3months
  2. Over 13,000 active users interact with their brand on daily basis. 
  3. Discovered 3 new  indie artists to break. 

Indie Business Model

New Revenue for Radio 

Artists submit tracks to be rated by the radio station’s active community of listeners via Facebook Messenger ($20 fee per submission)

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