The smartest way to monetize on Messenger

Allowing brands to monetize by enabling artists to have access to their audience through a new channel!
Our Story

We believe companies should be able to achieve major monetization on Facebook  by simply leveraging the power of their brand. 

Our Vision

Major brands will be able to generate monthly revenue by enabling access to their audience through a responsive medium like Messenger.


Sophisticated Messenger bots that allows a brand's followers to receive & rate content submitted by the brand's followers & fans.  


How it works


Within 24 hours, the user's submitted content would have been received and reviewed by the page's followers. The user receives analytics  on how well their content tested with the brands audience & may enter the brand's leaderboards to be discovered if it is highly voted by followers. 


When a follower attempts to submit content to the page, the bot will activate & summon a paywall & explain that the user's content would be directly distributed to the phones of the brand's followers for feedback. 

Ryan Leslie

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